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Recipient of an Exhibition Assistance Grant from the OAC

More good news! I would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council and the Exhibition assistance programme for their support! With this grant I'll be able to show my work at the Galerie 815 and discover Hearst!

Recipient of the OAC International Residency grant

I would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) and the National and International Residency program for their support. This grant will enable me to spend three months at the Fugitif Artist Residency in Leipzig, Germany. This is a project I’ve been working on for several years and thanks to the OAC’s support, it's finally happening! Thank you!

"Manipulation" at Galerie St-Laurent + Hill

The exhibition "Manipulation" will be held at Galerie St-Laurent + Hill in Ottawa from October 23rd to November 5th 2014. The opening reception is on Thursday October 23rd and of course everybody is welcome! For further information please click here

On the front page of bravoart magazine!

For further information on the publication or on BRAVO, please click here (In French)

TFO 24.7 Interview (In French)

Review of my last exhibition in Liaison arts magazine

The magazine is available in bookstores across Canada or on the website (In French)

Interview on La Fabrique culturelle

Partout où je vais, je me suis at Art-Image

The exhibition runs from March 21st to May 11th 2014. Vernissage on March 21st from 6pm- 8pm. Music by Philippe Charbonneau. Free.

For further information please click here (In French)

Grant from the Ontario Arts Council

Logo du Conseil des Arts de l'OntarioI Would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) for awarding me the Emerging Artists Grant. I would also like to thank the OAC for its continued support and encouragement of the Ontario arts community.

Repérage Loto-Québec at the Galerie Montcalm

Carton de promotion de l'expositionThe painting Nico's glasses was selected to be part of the Repérage Loto-Québec exhibition at the Galerie Montcalm in Gatineau. The show runs from March 13th to the 21st of April 2013.

Please click here for further information.

Benjamin Rodger on Télé-Québec's "Faut voir" television show

Promotional video for Libre circulation
Libre circulation at the galerie Montcalm

Carton de promotion de l'expositionLibre circulation, a solo show by Benjamin Rodger at the Galerie Moncalm in Gatineau form January 17th to March 3rd. 

Click here for further information

Critique of Libre circulation on Radio-Canada's radio show "Bernier et cie". (In French)

Spokesman for a visual arts festival

Carton de promotion de l'expositionBenjamin Rodger is honoured to be spokesman for the Franco-Ontarian visual arts festival Vision’art. This three day festival will host 300 young artists from across Ontario. For further information (in French):

Click here for further information (in French)

Solo exhibition at Galerie St-Laurent + Hill in Ottawa

The exhibition's flyerBenjamin Rodger is pleased to invite you to the opening reception of "Nelligan" at Galerie St-Laurent + Hill located at 293 Dalhousie Street. The opening is on March 15th from 5-8 pm. The show is up until March 28.

Download the flyer for more information

“Nelligan” book launch on March 3rd

Cover of the book Le Studio coopératif Premières lignes and Benjamin Rodger wish to invite you to the book launch of “Nelligan” at the Salon du livre de l’Outaouais on March 3rd at 7h 30 pm. Thirteen of Benjamin Rodger’s canvasses have been reproduced in this collective book.

Click here for further information (in French).

Winner of an art grant from the Ontario Arts Council

Ontario Arts Council's logoBenjamin Rodger has received a production grant from the Ontario Arts Council. The artist wishes to thank the Ontario Arts Council for its continued support and encouragement of the Ontario arts community.

Nico's Shirt on a CD cover!

Pochette de Nos artistes, édition émergenteThe painting "Nico's Shirt" was selected to be on the CD cover of "Nos artistes- édition émergente" produced by FESFO!

For further information (in French) or to buy the CD, please click here

New representation

Galerie St-Laurent-HillBenjamin Rodger is pleased to announce that he is now represented by Galerie St-Laurent +Hill in Ottawa.

Click here for further information.

The invisible man at the Orange Art Gallery in Ottawa

The paintings from the exhibition J'ai vu l'homme invisible, mais lui ne m'a pas vu are crossing the city to be presented as I Saw The Invisible Man But He Didn't see Me at the Orange Art Gallery near Parkdale Market. From March 3rd to March 27th.

Opening reception in presence of the artist March 3rd from 6pm to 10pm.

Click here for further information.

Cover page of "Voir" cultural newspaper

On the cover page of "Voir" cultural newspaper, Ottawa-Gatineau edition, February 17-23 2011! The article (in French) is available under "Press Book" in the "CV" section of this site.

Benjamin Rodger on the TV show "Reg'arts"
Solo show at La Nouvelle scène

J’ai vu l’homme invisible, mais lui ne pas vu (I saw the invisible man but he didn’t see me).

While continuing his pictorial research on figure and form, decorative and figurative elements and their interaction on a same surface, Benjamin Rodger has created a series of paintings that take into account the very place where they will be presented: the Espace Roger St-Denis at La Nouvelle scène.

La Nouvelle Scène is an important Franco-Ontarian cultural institution. The paintings are based on an influential poem in prose that has also marked Francophones in Ontario: l’homme invisible/ The invisible man by Patrice Desbiens. Without being illustrations or visual re-transcriptions, the works presented are based on an idea, a mood or a sentence segment.

The title obviously refers to the poem but it also refers to a non-meeting that happened between the writer and the painter a few winters ago in Montréal.

Opening on the 7th of February

For further information click here (In French)

Nico's on Liaison art magazine's front page

The painting "Nico's Shirt" was chosen to be on Liaison arts magazine's front page (number 149, Autumn 2010). A four page article (in French) on Popshop is also in this edition. Available in book stores or under "Press Book" in the "CV" section of this site.

Winner of an art grant from the Fondation franco-ontarienne

Benjamin Rodger received a grant from the Fonds commémoratif des IVes Jeux de la Francophonie administered by the Fondation franco-ontarienne. This grant will be used to reseach, create and produce new projects. The artist would like to thank the Fondation franco-ontarienne for its dedication to emerging artists and to the francophone community of Ontario.

Pop Shop at the Orange art Gallery in Ottawa

Ottawa’s newest art gallery Orange, located next to the Parkdale Market, is pleased to announce “Pop Shop” -Paintings by Benjamin Rodger running from June 23 to July 18, 2010. The title "Pop Shop" is based on the works that reference pop art and on the gallery that used to be a soda pop factory!

Opening night on June 25th from 6pm-10pm

For further information:

Paintings for Squares at theShenkman Arts Centre

The exhibition “Paintings for Squares” is part of a continuing investigation of painting itself, from both historical and aesthetic points of view. Initially inspired by the use of repetitive squares in contemporary design and in the “hard edge” painting of the ‘60s, as well as by figurative poster art from the same period, these canvases intertwine different painting styles, materials and techniques. They are accompanied by an installation of appropriated textiles having the same concerns about painting.

The title “Paintings for Squares” alludes to the squares which are the departure point of this new series as well as to the outdated term “square”.

Painting for squares? Or Paintings for Squares? Or paintings with squares?

Admission is free from June 3rd to June 26th at the Ottawa School of Art Gallery in the Shenkman Arts Centre

Opening Night on June 3rd from 6pm to 8pm

Discoveries at the Galerie Montcalm in Gatineau

In order to equitably support active artists across all regions of Québec and to diversify its acquisitions, Loto-Québec has called upon Galerie Montcalm to organize an "Exhibition-Sale" featuring the best artists of the Outaouais region. Admission is free from March 11th to April 18th.

Click here for further information

Nice Paintings at the Espace Odyssée

The exhibition « Nice Paintings » is one of three shows presented in 2010 at the Espace Odyssée of La Maison de la culture de Gatineau.  This solo show consists of large scale paintings started in Nice (France) and completed in Canada.  Admission is free from February 12th to June 5th. 

Click here for further information

Vernissage à l'Espace Odyssé

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